What newspapers are doing with video during US election season

Interesting post here from Nieman Journalism Lab about how the big US dailies are using video during the US Election season. Newspapers are doing increasingly innovative things with video at the moment – some of the key points from the article are below:

  • The WSJ have already formed more than 25 video partnerships since they launched their video hub a year ago. These include Apple TV, Roku and Xbox
  • WSJ WorldStream, a recent innovation, allows roving reporters to upload bitesize videos via a smartphone app. An editor back in the newsroom checks the quality before publishing
  • Part of the WSJ and NYT strategies has been to deliberately avoid mimicking television – they particularly want to take advantage of their editorial observation and analysis as opposed to just breaking news
  • The NYT wasn’t afraid to go for a controversial partnership with Buzzfeed despite a fair bit of resistance
  • The Washington Post has tried to make video more social and has used Google hangouts to get its journalists, other journalists, guests and members of the public to create interesting content
  • The Post also experimented with interactive video, allowing users to click to see further info such as Twitter reaction to the content

The lesson here appears to be that there are big opportunities for partnerships and that innovative video is worth doing. That said, I’d be interested to find out the split in “value” for the WSJ/NYT/WP between raw revenue in dollars versus the slightly more amorphous value of brand awareness.

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